A community for life.



Ohana means familyFamily means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

Our mission at OHANA LIFE is to create community and connection. We bring like minded people together, whether solo travellers, families, couples, groups or friends who love to travel, want to try something new, see a beautiful country and experience a different culture.

Whether you are simply looking for an easy holiday, going through a tough time in your life, at a cross roads or on a personal journey, OHANA LIFE will be a journey creating long lasting memories.  Think dinner parties, community yoga and party waves.

Connection is the building block of our retreats. Connection to others, to yourself, to nature and to food. 

In my happy place

In my happy place

About the Founder

My name is Lauren Tai. I'm yoga teacher, trainee lawyer and wannabe surfer. I absolutely adore yoga, surfing and travelling. 

For the past three years I've been a retreat addict. I've travelled around the world going on Surf and Yoga retreats, sometimes solo, sometimes with a friend and sometimes with my mum. I have lived and breathed retreats for the past few years and so my experiences have really helped me create OHANA LIFE. 

What makes retreats special for me is the COMMUNITY aspect and my intention is to create an OHANA for life for all the guests and future friends that come to retreat with me.

It's really important to me that local culture is infused into all aspects of a retreat. From local knowledge, local food and cultural excursions. 

OHANA LIFE is the combination of all my passions in life. It is a beautiful melting pot of everything I love in the world: the ocean, movement, travelling, exploring, learning and connecting with people. I've had so many experiences doing different retreats and I'm so excited to share that with other people and let them experience it for themselves.

Take a peek at my yoga website for more details about my yoga teaching and adventures. Click here.