1. Is this suitable for yoga and surf beginners?

ABSOLUTELY. The whole retreat is designed to ensure that everyone can get involved in everything. The yoga classes will be mixed level and because the group is small, you will get all the attention you need, whether  you are a yoga newbie or yogi enthusiast.

If you have never surfed before, please don't let that put you off. This retreat will be perfect for you. I only started to surf a year ago so being a beginner surfer is really fresh in my mind. As a result, our experienced team of surf instructors will make sure everyone feels safe in the water. With our small instructor to student ratio, there will always be someone who has their eye on you. With no wetsuit necessary and sandy beaches, this retreat will be the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into the surfing world.

2. Can I come alone?

Of course. The retreat is designed for ALL types of travellers whether solo, couples, families or groups of friends. There's a lot of opportunity to hang as a group but also the freedom to do your own thing. It's the perfect balance.

3. Will all food be included?

All breakfasts will be included. There will be some dinners and lunches included too. We have found that people really like to explore the town and try all the famous restaurants Canggu has to offer nearby so we decided not to include all meals.

4. Do I need to bring anything?

We will send you a suggested packing list in your welcome pack! We ask that you bring a reusable stainless steel bottle to fill up with drinking water. Bali has a bit of a plastic problem and I'd really like it if we could limit our impact on the beautiful environment as much as we can. 

5. Do I have to do all the planned activities?

Not at all, this is your week! Having been on several retreats, some days you just want to rest, sit by the pool and read a book. 

6. Will there be yoga mats?

Yes, we will be providing yoga mats and props. But if you have a favourite travel mat feel free to bring it!

7. Will there only be 1 Surf Session a day?

Yes. The exact time of the surf lesson will change (due to tides and swell etc to make sure we get you the best conditions possible).

The morning surf session will be around 2-2.5 hours or longer if you want to stay out in the water! From my experience, our peak energy levels will really drop after 2 hours so that's usually plenty of time. We only do one surf session in the morning because in Canggu the wind tends to pick up in the afternoon so the waves aren't as smooth.

8. How many sessions of yoga will we have a day?

There will be 1 yoga session each day, again the time of it will vary depending on what time we finished surfing and eating lunch. 

9. Will we have a free day?

Yes, the retreat runs Sunday-Saturday. The free day will be Wednesday. However, there will be a morning yoga class/workshop scheduled. You can either join in the group excursion or have a relaxed day by yourself exploring the town.

In addition, in between the surf and yoga sessions there will be hours of free time for you to chill/do additional activities/have a nap/update your instagram etc.

10. Can we drink the tap water?

We do not advise this. However, there are several water dispensers with drinking water which you can use and fill up your water bottles with. 

11. Can you cater for my allergies/dietary requirements?

As we will be having our own private chef for the meals which are included, dietary requirements can be catered for as long as we have 3 weeks notice.

12. Do I need a visa?

In most cases, the visa will be free on arrival for most countries (Europe). If you are from Australia (and some other countries), you will have to pay for your visa on arrival at the airport. It's US$35. You can pay in Euro, Dollars or Rupiah. Any change will be paid back in Rupiah. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months!